Mobile Movie Ministry (M3)

Call 281-422-3604 to reserve the outdoor movie system.

M3 Check-Out Form


To use the Mobile Movie Ministry (M3) –

  • $100 deposit payable to San Jacinto Baptist Association. The deposit will be returned if all M3 equipment is in tact.
  • $50 usage fee payable to San Jacinto Baptist Association to be used to replenish/repair/update equipment
  • Completed Check out form returned to San Jacinto Baptist Association
  • Certificate of liability insurance form from the church’s insurance company verifying that the church does have event insurance. The form should have the dates the M3 system is in the church’s possession and list San Jacinto Baptist Associaiton as the loss payee.
  • The church must obtain a license to show the movie. The CVLI movie license WILL NOT WORK outside the church building.┬áPossible licensing companies are and Swank Motion Picture. Be sure to check out licensing requirements for the movie you want to show.
  • The church is responsible for anything that happens to the M3 equipment