What if?

What if you were told you only had a short time to live, say a week. Would you live it any different? People who have been diagnosed with a terminal disease usually spend time getting their “house in order”. They then live as if evey day was their last day to live. For Christians it is living with the anticipation of seeing Jesus face to face and the comfort that brings wth knowing in your mind and heart by faith where you are going.

What if the hand of God wrote in the sky that Jesus was coming back in one week, would it change anything about the way we live? Would it change the way we act and react to our family members? Would it change the way we see other people? Would it change our understanding of who God is and what Jesus Christ did on the cross as the sacrifice to God for our sins?

What if we lived each day as if Jesus was coming back, just like it says in the Bible? It is something to think about.

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