Block Party Event Trailer

Block Party Event Trailer (BPET)

Evangelism Tool for Every SJBA Church

What does a member church need to do to use the block party trailer?

  • Each church must choose a BPET Church Coordinator(s).
  • Each BPET Church Coordinator(s) is REQUIRED to attend training BEFORE the BPET can be checked out!
  • Contact the SJBA office at 281.422.3604 or to reserve a date.
  • Submit the check-out form, deposit, and usage fee. BPET Check-Out Form or use the electronic form on this page.

What can it be used for?

  • The block party trailer can be used for evangelism and outreach.
  • It is available for use by every SJBA church

Is there a charge to use?

  • There is a $100 charge to use the block party trailer to replenish supplies in the trailer.
  • There is a  $100 deposit which will be refunded once the trailer is inspected upon return.
Is insurance required to use the BPET?
  • Yes, each church must provide proof of liability insurance on the BPET from date of pickup through date of return.

San Jacinto Block Party Manual  Please read to be fully informed of the BPET operation.

The forms and checklists below are part of the BPET Manual. They are listed here for your convenience.

Block Party Event Trailer Check-Out Form   To confirm the reservation, this form must be submitted to the SJBA office. You may also use the electronic form below.

Block Party Trailer Event Sponsor Shopping List   Items the event sponsor church will need to purchase.

Block Party Trailer Contents Checklist   Checklist to be sure all BPET contents are returned to the trailer.

Block Party Trailer Evaluation Form   Must be completed before deposit check can be returned.